Terms and Conditions

The Bowling Green is an extremely popular local pub, with peak times being in between 6pm and 7pm from Monday to Saturday, and 12PM-4PM on Sundays. Under extremely busy circumstances, guests may be limited to a 2 hour occupancy. Should you wish for a longer sitting, we suggest booking for later in the evening to be safe. To ensure efficient service and keep bookings running on time, The Bowling Green politely requests that all party members arrive on time or a few minutes early to be seated for their specific booking time, and guarantee their table. Where tables are not subject to a turnaround, a 20 minute grace period will be given for parties that are running late. After your grace period has expired, The Bowling Green reserves the right to reallocate your table as required. If your party is running late, please contact us on 01926 812575 so we can make relevant adjustments. This also goes for any changes to your party size, such as increases or reductions. When tables are subject to turnaround and party members are late, our staff will do their utmost to accommodate all guests in a timely manner where available, but
please be aware this is not always possible. In the event of late arrivals, The Bowling Green cannot guarantee our usually high service standards, and orders may be delayed. In the event of specific table or area requests, we will make every effort to comply to diners’ wishes, but please be aware this cannot always be guaranteed. Whilst we welcome “walk-in” guests, at very busy times please be aware that this is subject to availability, and at the discretion of our restaurant manager at very busy times. In all cases, your patience is politely requested. Both our chefs and front of house team Work extremely hard to maintain high standards of service at the most efficient level. Food orders will be taken chronologically in order of reservation times, and are made to order in the same sequence as they arrive to our chefs. We only serve fresh food at The Bowling Green, and will not compromise service, food quality, or hygiene standards to serve food faster. Please bear in mind that there will inevitably be a longer waiting time in busy periods, and your choice of order may also have an impact in your wait. The Bowling Green welcomes large parties, but requires a pre-order for bookings of 15 guests or more. Our pre-order forms are designed specifically to help chefs and waiting staff provide all of our customers with our regular standard of efficient service, and so we politely request no other form of pre-order is used, and all forms are legible so that our chefs can produce your food correctly. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for pre-orders. Should your party change in size, we require at least 24 hours notice once a pre-order has been received so that your pre-order may be amended. Failure to do so will result in a £10 per person charge for each party member that fails to show. Whilst we do not require a deposit, we advise the party organiser requests a £10 deposit in the event of such a circumstance. If you are not happy with any aspect of your meal or service, please inform our restaurant manager ASAP. We always endeavour to provide our guests with the best first time around, but our staff our human and mistakes do happen. We will always do our utmost to maintain our reputation and ensure your time with us is an enjoyable one, but we cannot rectify a genuine problem if you do not inform us.