puz quiz southamAs British ‘pub-goers’, we all love a good quiz; in fact, the British are definitely a nation of ‘quizmasters’. In the last 25 years, the ‘pub-quiz’ has become a well-known British tradition, and many pubs have been hosting a regular, weekly quiz night since 1990, when board games such as Trivial Pursuit became a nation-wide craze and most likely influenced a more competitive streak to a simple  ‘question and answer’ conversation.

Sunday Night is Quiz Night at The Bowling Green!

A good local wouldn’t be a good local without a quiz night, and at The Bowling Green Southam, every Sunday is quiz night!

Happy hour

Our Sunday Night ‘Deal or No Deal’ quiz starts at 9pm, but if you fancy a few drinks beforehand then you’re in luck – happy hour (or hours) is every Sunday from 5pm – 8pm


Every week at The Bowling Green quiz night with ‘Deal or No Deal’, the winning team will win 8 drinks vouchers!


  • Use mixed genders, mixed professions, mixed backgrounds and mixed ages for the perfect team; you will have a much better chance to correctly answer all general knowledge questions. All-male teams usually are very confident, but don’t win. Women are better at lateral thinking.
  • The people that say they “don’t know anything” usually come up trumps, or are trying to dumb their knowledge down intentionally.
    Go with your instinct and use your first answer – don’t rethink too much!
  • Enjoy yourself and have a drink, but if you’re ‘in it to win it’ try and have at least one team member who is relatively sober (their instincts will be better and they can say ‘no’ to any ridiculous answers that might blow your chances).
  • ENJOY! – Remember it’s all a bit of fun; we love Quiz Night because it is such a great atmosphere, and we love having you lovely lot taking part every week!