Over the last few years, Gin has become the “it” spirit- with every bar and pub sporting their own craft gin lists and cocktails to keep up with the trends. The history of gin goes back for centuries, but the juniper based spirit recently exploded in popularity. Whether you prefer a traditional taste or a more experimental, flavoured gin, there are numerous pairings to explore to find your perfect drink.

This Saturday, July 20, at The Bowling Green, we are hosting a Gin Festival in our Garden Bar for all gin lovers to indulge and excite their taste buds! With our extensive gin list and special cocktail offerings, it’s sure to be a highlight of your summer!


Our Gin Cocktail Offerings

Concocted specially for the Gin Festival, our Gin Cocktails offer a unique, exciting twist to enjoying the classic spirit. You’ll feel sophisticated sipping on the French 75: a refreshing gin cocktail elevated with prosecco, and brightened with lemon and simple syrup. Feeling adventurous? Try the Floradora: a spunky, fruity gin cocktail with lime, raspberries, and ginger ale for a spicy kick!

If you fancy something simple and classic to sip on, try the Gimlet – This cocktail pairs lime with gin and simple syrup for a perfectly refreshing drink!

Any Gin with Tonic or Slush for only £5

Not only will there be exciting gin cocktails, we are also offering ANY Gin with tonic for only £5!

If you’re interested in trying something a little adventurous, why not mix Gin with a Slush Puppie? The nostalgic, summer refreshment of your childhood can become your new favourite way to enjoy Gin!

Any Gin with a Slush Puppie is only £5, so you can cool off in the summer sun, quench your thirst, and satisfy your Gin craving!


Don’t Miss Out on These Special Offers! – With it’s exhilarating flavour notes and versatility, Gin is the perfect spirit for summertime sipping. From a classic G&T to our adventurous cocktail offerings, we’ve got just the thing to tickle your tastebuds at the Gin Festival this Saturday. These offers will only be available one day only- so don’t miss out!

Contact us today to find out anything more!